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    Eaton personnel from China visit Shenyuan group

    2021-04-26 09:09:46

    Recently, Mr. Sun, purchasing director of Eaton in China, and his party visited Shenyuan group. Mr. Wang Hua, deputy general manager of Shenyuan business department, Mr. Wang Peixuan, and Mr. Wang Yinghua, Deputy Minister of Shenyuan business department, and engineers Tu Yuguo, Zhai Dejian, and AI Jin from technical department participated in the reception. They also opened a video conference with Eaton global purchasing director. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on future cooperation.

    In recent years, Shenyuan has grown into a strategic partner of Eaton and an important supplier of Eaton in China. Eaton said that it will fully support Shenyuan's business development and give relevant technical guidance, vigorously promote Shenyuan to become Eaton's global supplier, carry out global business, and promote win-win innovation and entrepreneurship.


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