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    Spring 2021 College Students Employment Exchange Meeting of Shenyuan group

    2021-04-26 08:41:44

    On April 16, Jiangsu Shenyuan Group Co., Ltd. successfully held the 2021 spring employment exchange meeting in the headquarters of the group. Shenguoping, the chief executive director of the company, huangyong, the director of the general manager office, wangxuejiang, the head of human resources department, Lifeng, the director of the testing center, sunjianhua, the director of the quality department, wangzhoudong, the director of the manufacturing management department, Wei Wei, the director of the administrative and logistics department and the factory directors of each production plant participated in the activity.


    The picture shows the meeting site of "Employment Exchange and meeting activities of college students in spring 2021"

    At 10 a.m., more than 20 graduates from Guizhou University, Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University and Yancheng Institute of technology visited Taifu and Shenyuan plant by bus and participated in the discussion and exchange.


    The picture shows a visit to the rolling mill of "2021 spring college students' employment exchange meeting activity"

    At the meeting, director Shen Guoping introduced the development process and future planning of Shenyuan group. The department heads shared their work and life experience in Shenyuan. The factory directors of each branch expressed their employment needs to the college students. Finally, the college students actively asked questions and expressed their intention. The atmosphere of the Department was warm and active.


    The picture shows a visit to the factory area of "2021 spring college students' employment exchange meeting activity"

    The successful opening of this meeting has promoted the two-way communication between Shenyuan and graduates. I believe that in the near future, more young and professional youths will join us to witness the development of Shenyuan group.

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