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  • Products of Shenyuan group

    The main products of the group are more than 150 kinds of steel in five series,

    including gas valve steel rod, electrothermal alloy, high temperature corrosion

    resistant alloy, special welding wire and special stainless steel

    The company has become Eaton of the United States, Ford, Japan, Japan forging

    TRW of the United States, Volkswagen of Germany, Volkswagen of Shanghai and

    other companies qualified suppliers!

    Group Promo
    Shenyuan group
    Jiangsu Shenyuan group is a large-scale production enterprise consortium integrating smelting, hot rolling, machining, flaw detection and physical and chemical testing. The group is the second largest and largest domestic diesel engine valve steel manufacturer in the world. It is the main drafting unit of 15 national standards, commercial standards and group standards, including gb/t12773-2008 standards for steel and alloy bars for internal combustion engine air valves, and has 133 authorized patents, Among them, there are 5 invention patents. The group has an annual output of 200000 tons of fine-quality special steel and hot rolling processing 200000 tons, cold processing 50000 tons of production capacity. Six production enterprises and 2 e-commerce companies, the group has a total assets of more than 2 billion yuan, with more than 1500 employees, covering an area of more than 1000 mu and a total building area of more than 200000 square meters.......
    The company insists on the development of innovation, deepening reform as the driving force, taking leading the revitalization of industry as its task, focusing on optimizing product structure and taking the direction of replacing import, and striving to promote the company to be strong and excellent. It is expected to achieve the grand goal of "10 billion Shenyuan" by the end of the 14th five year plan.

    Corporate vision

    To build an international famous high quality special steel enterprise

    Corporate mission

    Create customer value and benefit the public

    Enterprise spirit

    Work hard, keep pace with the times and innovate

    sense of worth

    Integrity, dedication, collaboration, learning and win-win

    • Corporate vision

    • Corporate mission

    • Enterprise spirit

    • sense of worth

    News of Shenyuan group
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    Jiangsu Shenyuan Group Co., Ltd
    Integrity, dedication, collaboration, learning and win-win

    Sales Hotline: +86 (523)83760850

    Mobile No.: +86 13815919666

    E-Mail: anne.wang@shenyuan-group.com

    Add.: Renming Road, Zhangguo Town,
    Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

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